With the rapid expansion of the Online Marketing Team, it’s important that we take the time to get to know each other outside of the usual meetings and emails. After all, there’s only so much you can talk about during lunch hour and the odd coffee break. So what better way for the whole team to bond than on a weekend trip to Port Dickson & Malacca!

Okay, to be fair, we did go through an extensive selection process to decide between a 12-hour day trip and an overnight trip. No prizes for guessing which one got the most votes :). So, starting out fairly early on Saturday morning, we went for a traditional Indian breakfast before the 1.5 hour scenic drive to Port Dickson (commonly known to Malaysians as PD).

After stopping for lunch in PD, we made our way to Eagle Ranch Resort, a 32-acre recreational resort & park that provides a range of exhilarating outdoor & indoor activities. We opted for archery, horse riding and the rope course challenge. A picture tells a thousand words – here’s a few!

Archery is a graceful sport, but it’s not as easy as it looks (unless you’re a descendant of Middle Earth elves). It took some practice to get a bulls-eye and only some of us managed to get that close but it was good fun.

Next on the list were horse riding and the rope course challenge. Only a few of us opted for horse riding (the girls) but it was worth it. Those horses were an absolute delight! The momentary panic only lasted a few moments (yes, sitting atop a magnificent beast can be quite unnerving) but after that it was a rather enjoyable ride.

The rope course challenge lives up to its name. The challenge the guys did involved climbing up a 30-foot pole, walking across a 22-foot platform of wooden planks with a safety rope securely harnessed to you, and the best part – the safety rope is controlled by your team mates on the ground. It’s of course a challenge to combat your fear of heights as well as test your team communication. True enough, the guys did an excellent job!

Phew! After a couple of hours sweating in the sun, we were just about ready to head to Thistle Port Dickson. This beachside hotel has a bar that overlooks the beach and it was just what we needed before heading to Malacca. Some of us cooled off in the sea while the non-heat lovers camped in a cosy cabana and played these fantasy games cards the Resh brought along.

Next up: Malacca!