A visit to Malaysia would be incomplete without a stop by the historical city of Malacca, the keeper of the Malay Archipelago's rich heritage and culture. Continuing from Port Dickson, it was a blast to the past as we travelled 60 km down scenic winding roads, passing rubber and oil palm plantations, villages with wooden houses, cows, goats and chicken.

We reached just in time for dinner, authentic Nyonya cuisine served in a homey restaurant, Nyonya Makko. This was followed by their famous cendol - rumoured to be the best in the country, thanks to the secret homemade recipe. Unfortunately, none of us took any photos – we were probably too hungry! :)

At 10.30PM, more sightseeing ensued! We gallivanted around Jonker Street, enjoying the sights and sounds of the night market, tasting snacks and buying various knickknacks. Some of us went on the Malacca River Cruise, and Alona found a nice spot at the bow of the boat, with a great view!

The next morning, like typical tourists, we walked to the legendary A'Famosa fort (which was built in 1511), and hiked up St. Paul's Hill to visit the ruins of the church, called “Our Lady of the Hill”.

It was such perfect weather, with a cool breeze flowing through the ruins, us girls couldn’t resist taking photos (of ourselves, of course!). We even convinced the guys to climb up that ladder - to which a protesting Sean said, "I bet the creator of that ladder would never have imagined it'll be used for this purpose 6 centuries later..."

Strolling along Jalan Tukang Emas (Goldsmith Street), we had a chance to experience age-old places of worship - the Chinese Cheng Hoon Teng temple (built in the 1600s), Kampung Kling mosque (1748) and Sri Poyyatha Vinayar Moorthi Temple (1781), the oldest Hindu temple in Malaysia as well as the oldest functioning one in the Malay archipelago - all of which existed on the same street!

Walking under the blazing hot sun, Lyn was glad to spot an old ice-cream seller on a traditional ice-cream cycle – we each bought double-scoop cones, and enjoyed every bit of it!

To end the trip, we got a bird’s eye view of Malacca city from 110 metres up in the sky, on one of the city’s latest tourist attractions, the Menara Taming Sari revolving tower.

It was a fun weekend, which has definitely provided the OMT with a myriad of internal jokes to last for months to come! :)