On a lovely Saturday, Quintiq’s metals and manufacturing team flocked to a place closer to the forest of tranquility, far away from the boisterous city, in the midst of Bentong, Pahang. Our team cars made their way there using numerous paths, some of which were non-existent on GPS. After wading through hills, tall grasses, muddy paths, rivers and jungles, we finally reached Suria Hill resort, our comfy home for the night, and the location for our team-building exercises.

Without much ado, we started with the opening ceremony. After the opening speech by team manager Poh Yiau and cake cutting by CEO (Chief Event Organizer) Ann, we were introduced to the family members and friends of our colleagues who were at the event. Afterwards, we formed four smaller teams and started work on our t-shirt designs. We were amazed to see our teammates designing shirts of market quality, maybe better! After a couple of hours the 4 team shirts were done: Metallica for the grey team, 4ever Star for the red team, 200% FTR for the yellow, and Baby Blue for the blue team. Check out the designs:

After a short break, we played “The Pipeline” hosted by Nicholas and Siew. The game was about passing marbles across half-cut straw. Just like how we do work in Quintiq, we need to focus on our work (concentrate), and do things first time right (FTR). If a player drops the marble on the floor, the marble has to be passed back down the pipeline to the person 2nd on your right. Baby blue outperformed the rest in the speed of passing marbles, making them “Pipeline” champs!

We then played “Find your Number”, hosted by me and Aldo. Players had to touch the numbers on a mat on the floor using any body part. The trick is to be stable, and don’t fall down! The group with best formation wins. Baby Blue had very easy combinations in their number grids. Almost all of the Baby Blue members were just standing on the numbers, no yogic contortionism necessary. The same was true for Metallica. So, we deciced to award the prize to both Baby Blue, and Metallica. After all, we just wanted to have fun!

For all of these activities, we were in the multipurpose hall. We made good use of it, but we wanted to get some fresh air, so we took ourselves outdoors for the next activity! Our next game was “Tie a Knot”, hosted by Kok Hoong and Tai Long. In this game, we tried to form a star shape using a long loop of raffia string in a blind fold. We had to be careful not to bump into people or step on each other when moving in the blind fold. What a lot of fun! 4EverStar had nice star! They won!

After dinner it was time for some drama! Baby Blue performed a marriage proposal romantic drama, while Metallica performed a bus accident. The best actor award went to Chai Soon Kiong, and the best actress award went to Ong Jan Er and Lee Soh Yee! Why two best actresses? Oh, because they were mother and daughter in the show. After a day of fun, it was time to settle in the night. But first the organizing committee announced that Baby Blue was the overall champion team for the event!

Our night away was fun filled, full of excitement, and best of all, our family and friends got the chance to mingle with each other as if they were part of Quintiq, and they really enjoyed the awesomeness of the event.