One of the first things my mentor told me was: “Quintiq has a great bunch of people to work with, but you have to get to know their user manuals.” After a year of working at Quintiq, I think I have made a start on figuring out the user manuals. So if you were to start working here, what kind of people would be your colleagues?

There is the optimistic guy, who often underestimates tasks but is always up to a challenge and willing to put in all the effort needed to deliver on his promises. There is the pessimistic girl, who highlights why things are not possible, but who you can always go to if you have in-depth questions about Quintiq software. There is the funny guy, who has no problem with sending a soccer ball soaring over your desk, but who can also make customers laugh, even in more difficult times in the project. There is the stubborn girl, who can really give people a hard time in discussions but will make sure that all decisions are made deliberately and documented well. There is the chaotic guy, who does not always inform the rest of the team what he is doing, but is willing to get up in the middle of the night to make sure a customer system didn’t run into trouble. And these are just a few examples…

While figuring out all these user manuals, I also had to find out what my user manual was and how I could fit in with the rest of the team. As a girl who gets along with everyone, but is sometimes a bit too nice, it wasn’t always easy to get a grip on the very intelligent but headstrong people I worked with. But now that I have worked out most of the user manuals around me, it has become much easier to know when to be nice, and when to be just as headstrong as the rest.

Although each and every user manual is different, there is one thing that almost all Quintiq employees have in common: passion. Whether it is the drive to build a great model for solving planning puzzles, make a great project plan, create new financial processes or get in that sales deal that will open up a new market for Quintiq. This great variety of passionate people is definitely one of the things that makes working for Quintiq really great. I would definitely recommend take the opportunity to come and figure out the user manuals for yourself!