At Quintiq we want to ensure that our customers work with the best consultants in the world. And we want to make sure that WE work with the best people in the world! We want to hire people that learn fast, people we can learn from (!) and most importantly people our customers can learn from. In other words, we only employ the best consultants in the field.

We want colleagues that can do the job

Our recruiting process is known to be comprehensive and it always includes a practical test where you are asked to complete a task similar to those you’ll be expected to undertake in your first job at Quintiq. Previously, we have encountered people who performed very well in interviews, and maybe even very well in typical recruiting tests, but who had a hard time doing the real work that was required of them. This is not good for our customers, it’s not good for Quintiq and it’s certainly not good for you if you end up in a job you don’t like or don’t excel at. We have therefore developed practical, hands-on tests which aim to find out if the job is really going to work out for everyone.

We want colleagues that fit our culture

After finding out if you can do the job, we also want to make sure that we hire people we want to work with. It is important that the consultants that join Quintiq are people that we want to spend half our waking hours with and people our customers will enjoy working with - both professionally and personally. So, we ask a lot of questions to make sure that our new colleagues fit into the Quintiq culture. We want you to love your job.

We want people who love their job

At Quintiq we do our best to find colleagues who have the right attitude. We mean this in the very serious way. We provide a lot of training courses, mentor programs and career plans for our colleagues. However, at the end of the day we believe that attitude is a choice. We can’t force you to feel motivated and passionate – that has to come from you. We would much rather find the right employees, provide them with a great environment and learning tools and then get out of their way. We believe our job as an organization is to assist you in setting your goals, help remove obstacles that you may encounter on your way and let you reach your full potential.

If you can do the job, if you like our culture and if you have the right attitude, there should be no reason not to love your job…