"Hey, I want that bag, I want two!"

"Where is ur company? One U? There got car park? I always cannot get car park, le."

Handling a recruitment booth is not as easy as it seems. Repetitively saying “Quintiq is a..." to everyone that passes by is a task not everyone cherishes. When to/ not to approach, who to give freebies, how to handle commission-hungry agents, how to establish contacts with potentially huge pools of talent (universities, for example)...

Every decision counts, and all these take place while you are busy telling people how cool our office is and how brilliant the people within.

Having to work throughout the weekend, talking to thousands of people, fighting with other hungry looking agents or HR over supposed talents – it’s really hard work! And finally, you have to work your way through all those piles of resumes, invite a few candidates to interview, select one or two... then start the search all over again!

This is the magnitude of chores that a bunch of friendly Quintiq HR folk undertook last week at the Jobstreet.com Malaysia Career & Training Fair. Looking at the number of applicants versus success rates, they have the determination of Thomas (Edison that is) to succeed, and his skill to find the right fit (not tungsten, but talented people like you).

Despite the ambitious hiring target set at start of the year, Oliver - HR Manager - and his comrades never back down, but rise to the challenge and come out with numerous measures to achieve a seemingly impossible target.

Moreover, just like a Premier League club, success is not only about attracting the right people to the company, it's even more about keeping the existing ones motivated. I believe very few people are lucky enough to have experience being greeted by smiling HRs, together with a smiley cup cake the moment you step out from elevators in the morning. Even if you’re not a fan of cupcakes, you couldn’t help but be a fan of HR, standing there smiling and saying hi.

It often goes unnoticed how important the supply line is in battles, yet these unsung heroes are contributing to the same course each and every day behind the scenes. Pat their shoulders the next time you meet these amazing people, trying hard to keep us going.

To Oliver, Marwick, Deveki and Wally. Thanks!