Elegant, stylish, powerful, awesome, outstanding!

That’s a lot of adjectives, I know… let me explain…

I was one of the earliest developers to use Quintiq 5.0. In my opinion, Quintiq 5.0 is elegant, stylish, powerful, awesome and outstanding!

Quintiq 5.0 makes a developer’s job easier now by providing more flexibility and functionalities. Developing the user interface is much easier - the alignment and spacing are taken care of by the Quintiq software automatically. The stylish and modern-looking interface makes the application more attractive and colorful. In addition, you only need to write few lines of code to perform the common operations. This reduces the chances of making a mistake… that means higher quality work, and a faster delivery time.

My life as a developer has improved, thanks to an awesome component has been introduced to retrieve data from different forms. A data interface lets us map and visualize object types with external data sources easily. The addition is impressive because, with just a few clicks of the mouse, we’re able to complete the task with Quintiq software handling the bulk of the work automatically.

Since I work on industry solutions, defining a good view for demo is important. In Quintiq 5.0, data can be configured easily and irrelevant data can be filtered out at run-time, without any coding activity involved. The filter feature is user-friendly and extremely helpful especially during the testing stage.

In short, I love Quintiq 5.0, and it gives me the feeling that anything is possible! With continuous improvements, Quintiq software will definitely be the one to beat!