On Monday May 6, student members of the Dutch study association, VESTING, visited Quintiq Malaysia. Read about the experience of the visiting students in their own words.

Kavin, the Quintiq representative organizing the day, took us to the room where our first presentation would take place. The room was very open and full of colors, and there were beverages and snacks available in the small kitchen next to the room.

The first presentation was by a Dutch employee, who had already worked for Quintiq Malaysia for a couple of years. He told us more about the Malaysian department of Quintiq and his experiences.
After the presentation, a fantastic lunch was prepared for us on the balcony of the building. Besides the food and the amazing view from the balcony, several enthusiastic employees joined us for lunch. The lunch was followed up by a tour of the whole building. We were greeted by many employees, who all wanted to know why we were there and who we were. Talking with them was a very interesting experience. All the employees were very motivated – this was inspiring. It was very interesting to hear their experiences and why they choose for Quintiq. Most of the employees had an international background. Many of them had studied abroad. This confirmed that Quintiq Malaysia is very international.

Another thing that we noticed during the tour was that the whole building was very open and colorful and that the company really put effort in improving the working conditions for their employees. There were beverages and snacks available everywhere in the building, the setting of the workplaces made it easy for the employees to interact with each other and there was even a games room!

After the tour, we had some interesting presentations and cases, all by enthusiastic team leaders and other employees. These presentations and cases gave insights in the daily job of an employee at Quintiq Malaysia. The day ended with some quality time with the employees on the balcony and in the games room. We experienced this day as interesting and inspiring. The whole environment of the company is warm and welcoming. Besides that, Quintiq provided us a good example of a professional company abroad. The company employed a few Europeans and it was really clear that the company had put some effort in making these employees feel at home at Quintiq! The company was very western, which makes it easier to adapt for a European.

With this attitude, we think that Quintiq is an attractive player on the global market to work for. We can definitely conclude that the visit to Quintiq was one of the highlights of our trip to Kuala Lumpur!