A few weeks ago, Quintiq Malaysia’s R&R committee arranged a trip for its members to Pulau Tinggi in Johor. The trip took place over the long weekend of the Malaysia Day public holiday. We were scheduled to leave very early so many preferred to stay awake and enjoy a night of sleepless fun. It was kinda strange to see so many colleagues at the office before sunrise but for this trip, waking up at such an ungodly hour was totally worth it!

After a six-hour trip on the bus, we arrived at the Tanjung Leman jetty, our last stop before the island. We had a quick lunch, and then we took boats to the island.

The first sight of the island and resort was breathtaking; crystal white sand, clear blue water, with the greenery of the mountains in the background. This was to be our heaven for the next three days!

It was so energizing to see the crystalline beach, the pool, and the beach volleyball net beckoning on a great sunny day. Our exhaustion after the long journey vanished. In what seemed like synchronized motion, we all checked in, got ready, and hit the beach!

“Hmm...what next? Let’s swim in the ocean... no, let’s play monkey in the pool... no, let’s build a huge castle in the sand... no, let’s play beach volleyball or join others in a game Frisbee... no wait; let me get my camera to take some awesome shots!” These words came spontaneously and from all sides, as if everyone was having the same trouble deciding between so many choices.

Suddenly, I spotted a large gathering of people on the beach. They seemed to be having fun and I thought maybe they were building a castle. I hurried to join in and found them burying our colleague Si Xian in the sand! It was great fun and an even greater photo-op, as our many pictures show. (Although I’m not sure whether the sand-covered Si Xian would agree!)

We interrupted our day of fun and games for dinner, and then started all over again. We sang Karaoke, played board games and games of ‘wolf’. A few of our colleagues’ birthdays fell on that day and resort staff treated them to a special Karaoke celebration.

On the second day, the main highlight was the snorkeling off a tiny island nearby. The tide was a bit high, but that did not stop most of us from diving in. Watching live fish swimming between the corals is just so amazing. The lucky snorkelers among us saw live corals and some even spotted live sea urchin too.

Back to Pulau Tinggi for volleyball, Frisbee, ping-pong, and more and more photos to capture memories. The day ended with a BBQ dinner that helped us recharge for a long night of board games and karaoke that went on until morning. Some of us enjoyed long talks sitting at the bar or hanging out on the beach. What a nice way to end our last day on the island.

We all had a blast on those three days. The combination of spectacular scenery and great company was the best treat anyone could ask for.

A big thank you goes to the organizing committee: Harmeshver Singh, Shinto, and Si Xian; Thanks a lot guys!