Meet the software detective

As a technical operations consultant (TOC), Elizebeth Lee sees many similarities in her role to TV’s favorite maverick doctor, ‘Dr. House.’ But then again, she is a self-confessed TV buff with a penchant for detective and medical investigation shows, which might explain her perception of the job as more diagnostics and forensics work than ER-like lifesaving measures.

Each TOC plays a different role when the team responds to an issue from a Quintiq customer. Elizebeth focuses on the hows and the whys — her job is to figure out how a customer managed to break the rigorously tested software or trigger a bug. “Sometimes the software exhibits strange symptoms, and we need to diagnose what has happened by gathering information and running tests,” she explains.

Before joining the support team, Elizebeth spent five years working on Quintiq internal projects, building specialized tools for the company’s employees to use throughout their business processes. She had always felt the company needed a support team to better respond and handle certain issues, and so took the opportunity to join the support team when it came up as an internal assignment.

The move to support and becoming a TOC coincided with her personal preferences for a role with more results-driven outcomes. “Before joining support, I mostly handled project management within Quintiq. I realized that I enjoyed helping people, particularly in the context of achieving a specific goal. While that did happen when I worked in project management, the scale of a given project usually meant results usually came only after a very long period. In support, the issues are more short-term in nature, but I have a chance to bring about a resolution and take people to a conclusion,” she elaborates.

The Quintiq culture has been a factor in keeping her at the company for the last six years. For Elizebeth, the high-achievement culture of the company is a huge part of what keeps her happy on the job. “In some companies I’ve seen, I get the impression that 20% work and 80% are slacking off. One of Quintiq’s major selling points is we don’t have any slackers,” she states proudly.

While acknowledging that the role of TOC pays well, she cautions against anyone joining just for the money: “The pay is good, but to stay in the role and excel at the job, you need to have an interest and a passion for it.”