Nasreen Izzat is the director of support services delivery at Quintiq, a diverse role which sees her working closely with the technical operations consultants at the Quintiq Global Delivery Center (GDC). All prospective TOC hires will usually have an interview with Nasreen after they have concluded their interviews with HR.

Nasreen has very specific ideas about what makes for a good technical operations consultant (TOC). “By the time the prospective candidates meet me, the technical aspects have already been covered. So the question when I interview them really is: Do you want to work with me and do I want to work with you?” she explains.

Nasreen’s focus is on building a diverse team, with lots of outspoken and bubbly characters, so there’s no room as far as she’s concerned for what she terms “cookie cutter personalities.” She’s looking for people who are different in their way. Thus, in the interview, Nasreen’s focus is on finding out if they have the personality for the role and organization. Hence her killer interview question: What is your passion?

She laughs as she recalls some of the reactions to her question. “The experienced ones tend to try to give me a professional answer, but the fresh graduates like to give me fun answers. I love personal responses because they let me find out about their creative side. Sometimes interviewees show me their YouTube screens — I like to see those. We like colorful personalities in the office because that reflects in their work. For example, we have a team member who plays multiple musical instruments and makes advertisement jingles. One of our recent recruits has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.”

“I’ve had several roles within Quintiq but what has kept me here is the culture itself. People at Quintiq are driven, and they love doing their job. They are proactive and creative and don’t wait for instructions. When something goes wrong, they come to you with an idea. It’s infectious to work with people who love their jobs,” explains Nasreen. She wants to make sure that her prospective hires will be people who can embrace and flourish in this culture, and in turn, grow within the organization.

She believes that Quintiq is the perfect place for self-starters and ambitious individuals looking to advance themselves and their career. The company takes personal growth and advancement seriously and actively encourages employees to exercise both initiative ownership as part of the path towards career growth. Every employee has a five-level career path with level 0 accorded to newcomers and level 5 accorded to those who have mastered specific skills or knowledge. As employees progress up the levels, they are accorded more ownership and the opportunity to gain expertise and knowledge in a particular specialty.

At Quintiq, there's no limit to how fast an employee can move up the levels nor is there a quota system in place to restrict how fast someone can move up. This means every employee is in the driver’s seat when it comes to their progress within the organization. With this system in place, every employee has the chance to write their job description. They can also design their role around a skill set that they have or aspire to achieve. Thus, every employee can keep on growing their talents and abilities within a supportive culture. Nasreen sums it up succinctly: “If you want to do well here, just over-achieve and you’ll move ahead! You can race through your career with no speed bumps!”