At Quintiq, workplace culture forms an integral part of the company’s commitment to its employees. Building a great culture isn’t easy but at Quintiq, every employee, from top to bottom, espouses the Quintiq way in everything that they do. Here are some insights into the Quintiq way that permeates through every level of the company.

Open communication

A key bedrock principle of the company’s culture is that it allows for employees to express themselves, no matter who they are in the organizational structure. Indeed, the company welcomes feedback from its employees, especially when that feedback is about driving greater efficiency and effectiveness. As Lim Mei Ying, a six-year veteran of Quintiq explains it: “Here, we are free to say anything we want and propose ideas to anyone at any level, even to the CEO. This creates an openness that lets us keep on moving forward.”

Technical operations consultant Elizebeth Lim has seen first-hand the company’s strong willingness to embrace change for the better. Upon joining the support team at the Global Delivery Center (GDC), she found that there was a great need for enhanced automation. She made the suggestion and saw the company act upon it: “The company allows the teams to roll and change as required. Even when there are set systems, if you suggest something needs to be changed, the management will accept it.”

The five-minute rule

At Quintiq, every employee is only allowed to struggle with a problem for five minutes. Once those five minutes are over, they must ask for assistance from their colleagues. “Whether it’s the coffee machine or a massive bug, all you get is five minutes because we don’t want you to be stuck reinventing the wheel for half an hour” explains Nasreen Izzat, director of support services. The five-minute rule keeps everyone efficient and effective, while reducing the learning curve for new Quintiq employees, allowing them to start contributing and integrating much more quickly into their teams. It also encourages greater communication and knowledge sharing in the organization while keeping everyone a little intellectually humble.

Strong collaborative environment

In tandem with the five-minute rule, Quintiq encourages a collegial and collaborative atmosphere at the workplace. Nowhere is this more evident than in the newly formed support team. As 24/7 support manager Philemon Lim explains: “We have a very strong teamwork culture. If there’s a big issue that comes in, all the technical operations consultants come in to work on it. Everybody has different expertise, and they are not afraid to share their knowledge. Quintiq has a great collegial atmosphere where excellence is valued.”

Fresh graduate and newbie technical operations consultant Nurul Kamilah cites the generous culture of sharing as one of the factors that cemented her decision to work at Quintiq: “Everyone is very generous. They like to share their knowledge with others. There’s a culture of mutual respect, and there’s no barrier to talking to anyone, even if they are your seniors.”

Zero blame culture

Quintiq places great emphasis on all employees having a growth-driven and learning-centric approach to their work. An integral means of encouraging this outlook is to enforce a strong zero-blame culture. This is particularly critical in departments like support, where sometimes, team members have to make decisions or judgment calls on solutions for customers that may be challenged or reviewed later. To get to the bottom of things and also improve the processes moving forward, “de-personalizing feedback and removing the element of blame is essential so that productive one-on-one meetings can take place,” explains Nasreen Izzat, Director of Support Services. The zero blame culture is also the key towards ensuring that employees continue to contribute towards a collaborative and collegial environment at the workplace by removing workplace politics.