"I am the guide to save millions during manufacturing by finding the right solutions for our clients," explains Thomas Wesselink, a Dutch sales executive at Quintiq. Thomas talks challenges, creativity and becoming your best self.

What I do

"I've always been fascinated by ‘How It's Made,' a TV show that gives insight into the manufacturing process of a product. What we do at Quintiq is optimizing that process, which is best explained as solving a Rubik's Cube. Because for every decision we make, there are many consequences and we need to find the very best solution. Even though I don't actually work on that technical software solution, I do need to understand what it involves to optimize that supply chain puzzle, so I can show a prospect what kind of positive change Quintiq can bring. Essentially, I'm the guide to save millions during manufacturing by finding the right solutions for our clients business."

Adding value

"That's a challenge, though. I've got over twenty companies in my portfolio. It takes a lot of persistence, dedication and creativity to keep all my prospects engaged, so they will choose the software solution that we provide. During that process, it's essential that in every interaction I need to add value by giving a prospect new insights or perspectives. Quintiq hands me all the tools I need to succeed. There is a marketing center, I can stream live webinars, there is a huge library of reading material about artificial intelligence, and I can even set up roundtable discussions between different parties."

Tons of possibilities

“Everyone is willing to help me close a deal. It's a team effort. I really enjoy the support and the fact that there are tons of possibilities at Quintiq to gain knowledge and to develop myself. Whether it's through our e-learning platform or by so-called ‘shadow days’ where you accompany your colleagues (even the CEO) during a day, there are endless opportunities to become your best self. At the end of the day when I am heading home after work, my head is full of ideas. That feels amazing. I've always wanted to be part of a success story, and I think I succeeded at Quintiq."