Careers & Benefits

Quintiq has grown rapidly – especially over the past few years – and shows no sign of slowing down.

As we expand, we have more to offer you in terms of new opportunities in new fields, with new responsibilities, and even new locations. Many of our employees advance into new roles; Quintiq management is primarily made up of people who have risen through the ranks. We encourage and support you in improving your skills or acquiring new ones. In this way, we are able to built on the know-how, experience and abilities of internal experts familiar with our solutions and way of working.


Your training at Quintiq begins on your first day and continues until your last. We recognize that smart people behave differently: they are highly adaptive, they cannot be micromanaged, they expect freedom and responsibility, and they are not afraid of a challenge.

So, we make sure you have access to the right knowledge and information to do your job to the best of your ability. Whether you’d like to learn a new skill or brush up on an old one, we’ll endeavor to find the best internal and external training for you. And it doesn’t end there: every day is an opportunity to learn and share your knowledge with others.

What follows is an outline of the training you may receive in your first few weeks with Quintiq. Your mentor or manager will talk these through with you in more detail in your first week. What happens once you’ve completed the initial required trainings depends on the direction your career takes.

In your first few weeks at Quintiq, you’ll be given a number of e-learnings to work through. Quintiq e-learning aims to make it efficient and convenient for you to get up to speed with any concepts or terms which are new to you. Not just for newbies, it’s available whenever and wherever you need it, so you can get the right level of specialist knowledge, quickly and easily. Want to learn about how we create and implement planning systems? Then check out our suite of courses on creating and delivering Quintiq supply chain planning & optimization solutions. Interested in knowing more about our project methodology or about pitfalls we’ve identified and solved over the years? Try our section on the Quintiq Project Life Cycle. How about some specialist knowledge on our modeling techniques? That’s covered in the section on modeling Quintiq applications.

E-learnings are usually developed by in-house experts, so they are a great way to gain knowledge and insight from your more experienced colleagues. New e-learnings are released regularly, so no matter how long you work here, you never stop learning. You may even be asked to create one if you have a skill or area of expertise that is of interest to your colleagues.

This is a one-day introduction to Quintiq. It covers Quintiq's vision on solving planning and scheduling problems, an overview of the Quintiq software, and an introduction to Quintiq’s project management methodology, QPLC. In addition, you get to play the role of a planner in hands-on exercises.

This is a three-day course for our developers. You’ll be briefed on the basic concepts of Quintiq software, and then allowed to experiment with building a mock application. This exercise allows you to get to know the skills and tools required to model Quintiq systems. You’ll be required to follow the Quintiq modeling style guidelines, and you’ll be guided through the process by an experienced Quintiq specialist.

Shortly after the developer training, you’ll take part in the demo challenge. This is a five-day event during which time you build a functional planning application based on a detailed business analysis of an imaginary company. An experienced Quintiq specialist is available for support and guidance during the demo challenge, but the intention is that you should create the application on your own. We design this training to reflect all the pressures and particulars of a real project. It’s your chance to show us what you’ve learned, and impress us with what you’re capable of. You’ll then have a few days to polish your application, before presenting it to a group of Quintiq specialists.

This training is for those who’ll be taking up roles as business consultants in one of our business units. You’ll attend a series of introductory presentations on topics such as: advanced planning & scheduling; solution design; and Quintiq project management methodology, QPLC. You’ll then work alone or in a small group to complete several tasks designed to mimic those of a working business consultant. You’ll be supported by an experienced business consultant, who’ll give you feedback throughout the tasks and following the presentation of your solutions.

This one-day workshop covers all topics relating to the technical administration of Quintiq, including user administration, providing support to customers, and troubleshooting. You’ll be guided through the materials by a trainer with in-depth knowledge of Quintiq administration.

Work Life Balance

Quintiq offers excellent primary and secondary benefits of employment, including an annual profit-sharing bonus.

We also attach great value to achieving a comfortable work-life balance. We give you the opportunity to tailor parts of your employment contract to suit the needs of your personal lifestyle, for example by offering flexible working hours and the option to buy additional leave.

The benefits you receive depend partly on your chosen Quintiq office. Feel free to ask for more information on the benefits package at any stage of the recruitment process.